Unlisted CD 154 - good date code transition example

By Christian Willis; posted September 4, 2011

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I picked this CD 154 up last weekend in Colorado Springs. There are 3 notable things about this piece's embossing:

1) F-Skirt: There is a faint dash/underscore underneath the existing dash, which almost gives the appearance of "=". Denoted in red.

2) F-Skirt: Below the "8:" (1940) date code is a faint "0_8." (1939) date code. This shows the clear transition between the two. Very faint, so also denoted in red.

3) R-Skirt: The "8:" date code was stamped again, then overstamped with the "34" mold number. You can clearly see the ":" to the left of the "4".

This is also the "squatty style" 154 mold. Based on the close proximity of the old "0_8" date code to the base, it appears they shortened the mold.