TS Irene Southeastern MA Broken Utility Pole 8-28-11

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted September 1, 2011

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This is a single-phase 13.8kv pole in an area that serves a bunch of residential homes.

A lot of single-phase "laterals" like this as we call them (off main feeders) often are cut clear when they have damage and have to wait until the three-phase main lines are fixed and energized. That can take a LOT of work and time, resulting in later delivery of service in the more remote areas like this.

The work is tough and time-consuming!

In this day-and-age whereby just about everything operates on electricity, those without their flow of electrons on account of storms like this should recognize lineworkers' energies, resources and safety. Therefore, customers' patience is immensely appreciated! Most lineworkers and other electric utility staff are on the job 18+ hours-a-day during storm restoration.

Having been in the electric utility business for many years I can safely say that lineworkers often are nation's our forgotten soldiers!