102 ID Needs Confirmation or Not.

By Roger Poole; posted August 22, 2011

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Last week I uploaded a pic in the hunt and find album of what I believed was Pennyquick CD 102. Since then I didn't get a conformation or agreement from any Icon members of whether I was correct or not. I could just assume I was correct being there was no response, however I would not be certain. So here I'm asking anyone who knows the difference between an unembossed Canadian 102 and a Pennyquick 102 to let me know which I am now the owner of. The insulator in question is right of center. The center is a Brookfield Fat Boy and the light purple is Brookfields smaller version. Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The following Icon members have my thanks for their responses to my question. Paul Greaves, Gene Hawkins, Dywayne Anthony, David Wiecek, David Dahle, and David Fleishman (who also sent me pics of his Penniquick 102's)

Everyone seems to be in agreement that the insulator I have is indeed a Pennyquick. That being even though I forgot to mention two important details. Those details being a very notable teat at the top of the threads and the glass is much thicker then your average CD 102. The thickness of the glass reminds my of the Denver CD 121 mold style. Anyway, I also was directed to check the sharpness of the threads which I recall was another indication of Pennyquick insulators.