CD 162.3 - Odd Star in Steel Blue

By Scott Clark; posted August 14, 2011

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Here's an odd Star-embossed, steel blue "sleeper". This poor thing has been shot at twice and pinged each time. It's also been scraped and nicked or just about any other abuse imaginable. It still has a sticker on it that says "Benton, Calif., Dec.1980". Now for the funny part!! I placed this insulator into a dumpster a few years back, changed my mind the next day and retrieved it just before collection time. No joke. If you look REAL hard you can see a slight tinge of purple in the dome but nothing to write home about. I would gladly trade it for something you feel equal in trade. Although it's seen some heavy field duty, it displays surprisingly well. One thing's for sure.. IT'S A SURVIVOR!