Backyard Pole "A"

By Patrick Young; posted July 20, 2002

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This is the pole my son Mackenzie and I put up in our back yard. First we sunk a 4 X 4 in cement. I had an old porch post from work that they were going to throw out. The porch post is hollow and we slipped that over the 4 X 4 and bolted it in place. The crossarm came from a nearby line that we were hunting on at the time. We found it in deep brush. We carried that heavy beast for about a mile to get it back to the truck. The sign came from a fellow we happened to run into at the local party store. He changed out signs for the CSX Railroad and had a bunch of "old" signs in the back of his truck which he generously supplied us with what we wanted. Every now and then we change the insulators with different ones. A real fun project!