Four Aussie Bottle Insulators

By Mike Csorbay; posted August 10, 2011

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From left to right; C.C.G. over 24, rear has 4 with 20 small dots and two larger ones above and below the first two (if that tells you anything by way of a date code??) in a Reddish beer bottle Amber coloration. A few nicks and scratches above the primary embossing, and a streak on the rear that goes thru the embossing, not sure what it is??

Next, a C.C.G. over 17, rear has the same embossing as the one above, in a nice Light Green (although it looks more like Aqua in the pic, I'd call it a Light Green in hand). Two no-glass-missing bruises on the front; one above the first C and a smaller one between the G and the right mold line. Inside the skirt and below the pinhole are some bumps and divots, like the glass "shrank" when the insulator cooled -- neat!

Thirdly, another C.C.G. over 22, rear embossing the same, in a great Deep Straw coloration. Three nicks near the left mold line on the lower skirt, and a shallow approx. 2" chip out of the base at the right mold line are the damage on this one.

Finally, we have an A.G.M. over 10 with a 5 and 10 dots on the rear skirt in kind of a Medium Sage Green kind of color with no damage, flaws or imperfections that I can see. A nice grouping for someone wanting to get into foreign, and particularly Australian, glass. Unsure of the CD on these, you'll have to ask the experts, I just happened to come across them recently in a collection.

NOW... IF you've read this far AND you'd like these AND have some trade bait, here's what we collect... Canadian threadless and early threaded, especially CD 143's with cool junk, underpours, etc. as well as CD 133.2 "slope shoulders", CD 162.4 "tall boy" signals, and the Canadian CD 162's embossed with 1678 on them. I really have no idea as to value on these, so if you do, then feel free to offer up something you think is in the ballpark. Let's trade, pardner!!