60kv in Northern California, 1974

By Dustin Logan; posted August 6, 2011

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Here is a photo of a 60kv line, along U.S. 101, just north of San Francisco, that I took back in 1974. Notice the old lineman's phone circuit, on the bottom crossarm! Don't see those anymore. All in all, this came out pretty well, for a shot taken from a moving car (I was just a teenager at the time, and my old man was not about to stop, so I could "waste film"). The big multiparts on the 60kv, are Locke M-4327's, and the 12kv lines are sporting Ohio Brass M-2619's. It's all sky-yuck post-types and polymers, now. And, are those CD 151's on the lineman's circuit? Plus, notice the signal lines along the old Northwestern Pacific tracks in the background.