National Telegraph Line 3

By Bart Magoffin; posted July 19, 2011

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Additional big thanks to Larry Monroe, who provided ORIGINAL working Paul Seiler and Cal Elec Works KOB (key on base) instruments, and glass battery jars. This was a real treat for those who appreciate early telegraph items. I placed the instruments on boards, along with the batteries. Then added an instruction sheet and blank "telegrams"

Technical details: Since the Double Tree wasn't hot on me hammering in authentic ground rods at each end, I was forced to "simulate" the one-wire line by hiding the ground return with a hair-thin wire behind the display and up the pole at each end. The glass batteries were shorted internally, to appear they were in the circuit. Power was thru an old plug-in phone charger. All in all, it was a fun set-up, however my OSP telco associates back on the job are having a field day with this. Oh well. Thanks for viewing. Bart