Wind Damage, Holland, MI

By Brian Weeldreyer; posted July 12, 2011

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Nothing was sacred. (2)


We had a couple of nasty T-storms come through yesterday and do a lot of damage to trees, power lines and buildings. It's quite something to see the wind pick up from almost nothing to 80 mph in about a minute and then be done about 5 minutes later. That's all it takes, though. There were large healthy trees that fell victim - this wasn't just nature clearing out the dead wood.

We drove around town last night for a while to check some of it out. There were a lot more pictures I could've taken, but it didn't feel right stopping in front of someone's house with a 30" dia. oak in the living room and snapping a picture.

A father of 6 a couple towns over lost his life as he got his wife and kids into the house. A tree crushed him under his garage where his whole family had just been.