CD 154 Hemi Blue "42" attempted blot out

By Tim Sakcriska; posted June 26, 2011

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Here is a neat CD 154 hemi find with medium drips and fizzy my daughter and I found at a local junk store on Friday.

Not sure what was going on with this one. Looks to have had the old style 2 similar to CD 151 H.G. Co's. Not sure what the other numbers were. An attempt was made to blot these out or revise the mold but the correction was not made. I also found another with an 8 clearly embossed over the Hemingray embossing but the piece was basically junk from damage and the little old lady wouldn't budge on her pricing. In her words "these are extremely rare". Well, I guess in some sense of the word, she was correct.

Could explain why she had the entire building stacked from bottom to top with most of the space inaccessable?? Imagine at least 100 old sets of used golf clubs, a pile of fishing poles six feet high and six feet wide on the ground outside. Yes, there was also junk piled on average, five to six feet high on the outside.