Flag Hunt

By Andy Smith; posted June 23, 2011

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As long as i can remember, a flag pole always stood at the old farm, but surprizingly years pass by and change happens over time, Land revert, s back to nature, so back at the homestead, i,m tryin to restore some of the past, as i remember, At the time my father had the Union Jack flying atop the pole, and anchoring the rope and pulley was an insulator,,The other day i was clearing around the old pole site and lo/and /behold i latched onto the old piece of glass, not rare, just an old Dominion CD 122 1948,,still intacted, darn near mint, and a keeper in me eyes, i guess.. So today a new pole and flag waves around the white pines and in the tradition of years ago, above on the top stands a 145 Gnw, glitter, n in the sun.