Saturday Hunt - the Haul

By Andrew Gibson; posted May 26, 2011

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Here's what all we brought home: 1) a fire brick from the furnace 2) sagger pieces, evidently used to hold the insulators during firing 3) tan U-441 (?) VICTOR 4) white U-38 FRED M LOCKE 5) a couple smashed U-925, one with a skirt that was bent up before firing 6) a reasonable condition no name signal 7) a couple multi-part tops, one unglazed, the other a blue VICTOR 8) a cup 9) a few gutter top rim shards 10) a couple glass pieces, including one that's obviously part of a glass insert 11) a couple other shards 12) Not in the picture, but a U-520 that's rather beat up, but marked VICTOR

All rather interesting, but nothing earth shattering. But even better, I've got all the memories of a very fun day with the kids. Thanks, Mike!