19 Crossarm Cement Alley Poles in Diamond City

By Carl Schwendeman; posted May 11, 2011

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Here is a row of HO scale 19 Cross arm alley poles still in service along one of the main streets that runs though my train set Diamond City. The 19 crossarm poles are pasted off a black and white photo of a ten crossarm alley pole that I saw somewhere on this website last year. They are also based off of the many cement trolley poles that are in Richmond VA in that I somehow don't think a wooden pole would be able to hold up 19 Alley type crossarms leaning to one side to over hanging a street. Hrere is a link to the pole it is based off of [id=41821936]

As for this train set which is a model of a ficational City called Diamond sure it might give the impression that it is a a 1900's city or a 1920's city or might even pull off being a 1930's city when the great rows of 10 plus crossarm poles where being chopped down but this city scene is really taking place in modern times in the 2000's based off of the modern cars driving around on the 1870's brick paved streets between the 1930's built buildings. The 19 crossarm openwire line is very much alive and doing well still in service only this time in instead of phone messages it now carries people and suppies as part of a super secert network of Teleportation lines that run from teleport stations hidden though out the city and county side around it. As for this 1890's remant of the turn of the century openwire telephone line became a part of this secert system is that the teleportation lines need several things to prevent them from failing tthat modern burried cables can't offer them that 1900's openwire has. The teleport lines like to over heat a lot and would burn though any rubber cable on them and over heat any cable box burried in the earth. Also one of the odd things that openwire teleporation lines need is they need to have the raw unisulated wire running on top of a row of glass or poricline insulators so that the teleport siginals can exchange irons and particals with the open atomshire so that while people and things are in transport though this rare system they don't get scrambled up like eggs. But as for why there are so many crossarms on these poles is that it takes one crossarm of line tot transport a human being though from one station to the other and it takes a pole line of ten crossarms to transport something as large as a milltary tank from one teleport station to the other. As for this system replacing cars or trains or airplans anytime soon it won't in that it requries enough power to power 80 normal homes use in a week to transport a human being on a 100 mile section of it. So as of now this openwire system is used by the millitary