Slanted N between I & N Hemingay 42 CD 154

By Roger Poole; posted May 10, 2011

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Found this insulator at an antique store my GPS lead me to. It was the only insulator the lady had. I wouldn't have purchased it being it has only a Hemingray-42 with a couple of missing drips. I picked it up anyhow and looked it over especially the embossing. Right away I noticed there was something funny about the embossing. It appeared to have an extra I squeezed in between the I & N.

When I got it home I took a closer look with my magnifier (Wish this system had a spell check Bill.). As my pic shows there is actually a slanted N between the correct I & and behind the correct N. Look close enough at the top of the correct N and you should be able to see both tops of the slanted N. Guess the machinist didn't want to start over. Anyone else see one of these before?