Tornado damage, Mountain City, GA, April 25th

By Edward W. Brown; posted May 6, 2011

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This is the last one for tonight... This house, relatively untouched, was located just across the road from the floating debris in the lake. All we could see on this one was a couple of torn screens and a lot of toppled smaller trees which apparently did not strike the house, at least from what we could see at this angle. There appears to have been a bit of a mud slide, on the steep hillside. That is our trusty, hard working, and alwaysdependable Church van parked on the street.

After we made several food, water and drygoods deliveries to occupied, damaged homes, we took the rest of our supplies over to the Clayton Red Cross center for further distribution, as they deemed necessary.

As bad as the damage was in Mountain City, the devastation wrought i by this storm system's series of over three hundred reported tornadoes, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Ringgold, Georgia was of several orders of magnitude greater severerity. Their tornado strikes were estimated to be of F5 intensity, the highest on the "Fujita" scale. The Lakeside tornado(es) were estimated to be of F3 intensity.