Tornado damage, Mountain City, GA, April 25th

By Edward W. Brown; posted May 6, 2011

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On Friday, May 6th, I was part of a tornado relief crew helping out in Mountain City GA, near Burton Lake. The damage there was truly devastating, over a narrow swath about 1/4 mile wide. I took about 40 photos, and I'll post a few of them at a time, over teh next few days. Al of this happened about 50 miles away from where I live.

Damage ranged fronm fallen trees and crushed cars, to some roof damage, to total destruction of many houses near the lake, all that remained of them was the foundation, and a lot of nearly unidentifiable remains and litter. There was one death in the area and a relatively few injuries, the main area of damage was "weekend" and vacation lakeside homes, so most were unoccupied. If the storm happened on Saturday instead of late Monday night (10:45 PM April 25) the death toll could have been over one hundred.

I'll start "small" and work my way up through the scale of extent of damage, from the bottom posting, upwards..