April's Group Three Relisting--Some Reduced!

By Dwayne Anthony; posted May 3, 2011

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Top row, left to right:

CD 162 California, burgundy with darker striations in dome, vnm. $45 (SOLD)

CD 132 Patent Dec 19, 1871, lime green, pinkie nail flake to base and a couple very minor pecks and blemishes, a heavy duty dude! (NLA)

CD 162 Hemingray 0_4, authentic carnival, pinkie nail flake to rear wire ridge, two rear chipped drips with associated skirt bruise and inner skirt chipping. Sounds rough, but you can see it displays just fine and offered at less than 1/3 of a vnm-mint one. $100 (SOLD)

CD 162 NEGM, yellow green, much stronger color than the more commonly found light green ones and vnm+! $125 (SOLD)

Bottom row, left to right:

CD 123 EC&M Co SF, G mold, crisp blue aqua with faint milky olive swirls in skirt, fingernail thin skirt slice left front and typical rear base slices. $185 (SOLD)

CD 145 Postal, blue aqua with super amber swirls, quite unusual for Postal beehives and much more defined and impressive in person, couple very small base flakes and some surface blemishes that appear factory. (NLA) CD 120 nn, unembossed CEW, tough little western insulator in great vnm+ condition. These sell for much more at auction. $400 (SOLD)

CD 145 HG Co Petticoat, two-tone lavender, with back lighting from the wire groove down it appears a steel blue lavender, from the wire groove up it appears more light purple lavender, slightly warped base for even more character, just some very minor surface pings, so a strong vnm. (SOLD)

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