Choice Insulators For Sale--Group One

By Dwayne Anthony; posted May 3, 2011

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Top row, left to right:

CD 110.5 New Eng Tel & Tel Co in an arc. Fingernail rear wire ridge chip, plus two other smaller rear chips. Displays great with only some very small flakes. Priced right at $145. (SOLD)

CD 164 McLaughlin swirled citrine. A gorgeous fizzy medium/light citrine with darker swirls throughout. Just a couple pecks from mint. (NLA)

CD 134 Pettingel Andrews in a crispy blue aqua with milk swirl. Reverse match head ding on wire ridge and a few other very minor pings and pecks, plus some typical surface annealing stress. Displays very well with the milk swirl centered to the front. $250. (SOLD)

CD 162 Hemingray No 19 two-toned green. Swirls and striations of olive green are partially blended throughout, giving this signal a very attractive appearance, especially with back lighting. Appears 100% better in person. Only four partially nicked drips, so an easy vnm for this sharp dripped signal. (NLA)

Bottom row, left to right:

CD 123 EC&M Co SF blue aqua with a trace of amber wisping. Base chip as seen in photo. (NLA)

CD 102 diamond teal green. Just a couple minor pecks and some surface annealing lines (one exterior and the rest are in the threads). Priced way below book only because I got a great deal on this one and want to pass it along to a lucky ICONer. (NLA)

CD 206 NN "Castle" light green. Two clean chips involving a small portion of two turrets and ridge below as seen in the pic (insulator intentionally turned to worse side). Small chip to inside of skirt that takes two drips and a couple other very small minor skirt flakes. Reverse side will display vnm+. (NLA)

CD 106 Cristalerias Chile N.12 in a light amethyst. Chipping to several of the fragile small sharp drip points, most being to the inside, and only a couple tiny pecks elsewhere. Tough little pony to come by. $65. (SOLD)