Osama bin Laden memorial pork roast, Part 1

By Steve McCollum; posted May 2, 2011

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Here are pictures of our Osama bin Laden memorial pork roast. Given the years of diligent searching by our intelligence services, the horrible price paid by our soldiers and citizens for his evil acts, and the jubilation around our finally having nailed this Satan in human form, we figured that preparing two pounds of pork on the grill, served with three fingers of Jim Beam and a bottle of Wollersheim Wineries red, was the least we could do.

Thanks to our boys Jason and Jim, for your service to our country by your tours of duty in Iraq. You honor my uncle John, who served in the Navy with distinction at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and all across the Pacific during WWII; your grandfather Vernon (Mike) Kath, who served in the Marines in WWII; and my brother Doug, who also served as a WWII Marine. We can all stand a little bit taller today.

Thanks also to Brent, and to the many other Veterans and civilians who have put their lives on hold and sacrificed much for the freedoms we cherish and enjoy. God bless you all!

Should our path through life happen to intersect with Brent's some time in the future, you can bet that we will crank off another pork roast for his and his family's benefit, while we discuss the relative merits of various American Bourbons and insulators! We'll celebrate with an Osama cocktail: two shots and a splash.