Mustard Yellow CD 162 [070] H.G.Co. Sold

By Roger Poole; posted April 11, 2011

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This Ein 070 H.G.Co. CD 162 seems to be a cross bread. There isn't enough orange to call it a mustard yellow nor enough to call it yellow amber. I've also considered it may be a dark honey amber but I don't think so being it definitly has either to much orange or to much yellow. As fdor its condition you can see it has drip point damage. There are a total of eight sharp drip points broken to differing degrees. Above the drip points there is absolutely no glass missing what so ever. If it wasn't for the somewhat notable bruise at the base of the dome in the front that extends to the right side I'd probally add another $100 to my asking price. There is also a light bruise below Petticoat on the rear side. Also no glass missing there.

It's tough coming up with a reasonable price for this insulator. In the price guide the mustard yellow is listed between 1,750-2,000, a yellow amber 800-1,000 and the least a dark honey amber for 150-175. I'm asking $150 shipped anywhere in the lower in the lower 48 US States. Iwill assist to Canada or any other country. Accept Pay Pal as a gift, personal checks or money orders as payment. Need more pics or have any questions, please email. SOLD long ago