Strange Lightning Rod Tip.

By Spencer Grueninger; posted March 24, 2011

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I just got this tip off a building. I was wondering if anyone has one, seen one or has any idea of its maker. The darker top half is embossed with a name, but I will have to magnify it to read.

The upper Tip part ( darker material ) is like a soft lead and you can write on a piece of paper with is. It's pushed onto a metal spike, you can see the spike comming out of the top of tip. The bottom green of the tip is 8 sided different than the four sides you see and is a copper or brass mixture, hence the patina. The base that holds the spikes is a brass mixture and the spikes are made of metal, but didn't take on a strong patina. I found this tip on a system that had all Weston lightning rod insulators on it.