CD 226 Near Mint

By Jeffrey Kraemer; posted February 10, 2011

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Nice very near mint CD 226 in Dark Aqua. Only damage is from when it was made, it is 2 cracks, 1/3 of an inch along the mold line on the inner skirt. The second picture shows the cracks. This one CD 226 has a nice Dark Aqua color with a little milk (not much at all) and some bubbles. The embossing on this guy is lit but noticeable as shown. Trading for nice power pieces or old porcelain multiparts worth around $30-40. Show me what you got and I will see if we can make a trade! No international buyers or Alaska/Hawaii buyers please. I am getting rid of this guy for another insulator that I have always wanted. Sorry about the green color in the picture, its a Dark Aqua insulator.