CD 145 Gr. Aq. Brookfield. All embossing "ghosted."

By Zac Mirecki; posted January 15, 2011

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I've seen embossing where maybe part of a word is "ghosted" but never a piece where every bit of embossing is, even down to the dome number. The piece has great character besides the embossing including some light amber swirls, pieces of fire brick and some bubbles. The damage consists of a few faint annealing cracks in the pinhole and 2 small inner skirt chips.

See the next photo for a close up of part of the embossing. More pics upon request.

I am always looking for CD 134s in color or with uncommon embossings, foreign and domestic transpositions, or any Hartford Faience Co. pieces I don't own.

Thanks for looking.