Five HO scale Pennsylvania Railroad Catenary masts

By Carl Schwendeman; posted December 30, 2010

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These are five HO scale models of real life 1930's H beam Pennsylvania Railroad railroad masts that are very common on the Railroad Mainline from Washingtion DC to New York City on Amtrak's NEC Mainline also they are very common along the mainline from Phili to Harrisburg Pennsylvania. As for these masts they are hand built from scrach and are built out of the HO scale plasic H beams the same size that where used on the Pennsylvania Railroad. They are also eatch hand painted with a lovely rust color that gives them their classic railroad rust color. As for the clear and amber insulators on them they are made out of real glass beeds stringed togetter in chains like on the real life railroad. As in this set is four regular sized 138Kv high voltage towers that are built to carry the 25Hz Amtrak Transmission Voltage to sub stations along the railroad main line. The short one is a common H beam mast that can be seen at most Amtrak Stations cross the North East from Washingtion to New York City. This is one of three sets of catenary masts that I'm going to sell from a massive catenary project on my Pennsylvania Railroad HO scale Train set.

I have also been adding on Marklin Catenary wire arm brackets to these masts so that they can hold up Marklin over head catenary wire. But these masts are the basic plane Jane types so that you can add your types own wires to the bottoms of them. It is possible to string wires on the tops of the transmission lines on these masts.

The Cost for this lovely set of rare Pennsylvania Railroad is $25 and that has Free shipping added with it and they are sold as is.

$25 dollars is good in that Model Memories sells these types of masts for $25 bucks a mast.