CD 132.2 Paisley with gunk and carbon - Sold!

By Dave Wiecek; posted June 26, 2002

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Offered for sale is a CD 132.2 No Name (unembossed Paisley) with an embossed 2 on the dome. The insulator has a nice milky swath in the skirt and what a dime sized carbon disk floating in the dome. Although it isn't, it looks like a washer or old style pull tab from a soda can but again, it is just a crispy black carbon ring embedded in the glass floating inside the dome. The skirt has 1 BB ding and the overall exterior appearance looks like it bounced around a stream bed for a while. The high areas are tending towards dull and have tiny flea bites/ scratches. Has some surface annealing cracks in the dome. This is a real old insulator and a rarity with these kinds of things floating around the glass. Lots of lookers but no one interested @ $200.00 so I am lowering the price to $165.00 plus postage based on zip code. How's that? (See related picture)