"Sideways Y" Hemingray 21 embossing error Sale

By Barrett Nicpon; posted December 9, 2010

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Up for sale is this relatively rare Hemingray No. 21 with a seldom-seen embossing error. This piece is a Hemingray CD 145 in the [082] embossing style. The photos don't demonstrate it too well, but this one has a sideways 'Y' embossed beneath the 'Y' in HEMINGRAY. The colour of this one is a strong Hemingray blue. One unusual feature of this piece is the thoroughly orange peel-textured surface of the piece. This texture is quite unusual for a Hemingray piece. I would almost be tempted to say the piece may have been through a fire at some point, but there is no misshapening to indicate that, nor are there any fractures, etc. I would guess this is just an interesting manufacturing defect from the Hemingray factory!

The insulator is in good shape, considering the commonly badly damaged drips that these pieces have. It looks like the piece has 8 nicked or partially nicked drips, with maybe a few others with a bit of roughness at the tip. Three of the nicked drips are associated with a 1" area of fan cracking on the rear skirt. Aside from this, it looks like the piece has one small, 1/4" fisheye on the rear crown, and just a bit of scratching in the rear wire groove.

Let's try $12.00 U.S. plus shipping for this tough embossing variation. Guaranteed to fit in well with your Hemingray specialty collection! I accept PayPal, or any kind of personal or cashier's cheque, or money orders. Please feel free to take a look through my other insulators under the "For sale (not sold)" directory, and combine items to save on shipping. I always package well, and have never had an insulator (or pin!) arrive broken. All the best!