$86.00 Antique Store Find!

By Miles O-B Mclall; posted December 8, 2010

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2 weeks ago I visited an antique store that I had never been to before and found some great insulators!

All for just $86.00!

Shown in the photo from left to right are : CD 133 [010] Star LT. Yellow Green; CD 152 [040] Hemingray Aqua with nice piece of metal embedded in the front skirt See [296404063] ; CD 154 [100] McLaughlin Depression glass green; CD 214 Hemingray 7-UP green; CD 162 Star Aqua with two-tone dome amber, amber swirls and some "snow" See [296404418] ; and an Olive Green Blackglass foreign insulator. The foreign one has U.S.- size threads and it screws nicely onto a U.S. pin.

Also not shown in the photo, I got one of Ray Klinginsmith's catalogs: Sale # 40 April 2000.

The antique store owner said that she has been selling insulators from this collection for quite a wile. In the Pole Top catalog there are some nice Cobalt and Peacock signals circled ...... ....... ....... ..... ....... so who knows what I could have found if I had gone to this shop several years ago!!