Mike knows how to pick'm ..

By Bill Meier; posted November 29, 2010

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Mike Spadafora happened to be in the area, and was able to stop over for a visit. In case you don't know, he's a porcelain collector who focuses on collecting Fred Locke pieces.

He had no problem pulling down the CD 204 Locke, and the pair of CD 287.1 Locke's in Peacock Blue and Amber and ... "OK, I'm out'a here!"

We cautioned him about the value of the pieces, and he said "Don't worry, I'm an expert at repairing them!" -- not quite the comforting feeling that we wanted... but... ;-) A finger in each pin hole pretty much secures them.

Mike, we enjoyed your visit.

This is a basically random selection of insulators in the window. We are reorganizing a couple thousand of them, and some came out of the window display, and others went in. We hope to have it more organized some day! Even have several display cases... The window is nice during the day, but doesn't show them off well (at all!) at night!