My new backlit display case! {Full!}

By Steven Bahre Jr.; posted November 28, 2010

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It's a bad picture, but you get the idea! The View Original option works good, though!

The shelves are as follows, from top to bottom:

-Canadian (Ponies, a 190/191, 143 Can Pac, and a 1678 SDP)

- 134 Pennycuicks, a 135, 145 Americans, a Hawley beehive, and a couple Duquesne's

-Californias, Maydwells, Lynchburgs, McLaughlins, and Stars

-Brookfields (CREBs, Brookfields, and B's)

-Hemingray and HGCo

-A 187, a couple NAJ's, a Lauckner, an acid-frosted Armstrong, Royal Purple WGM, Green Tint Milkglass Maydwell, frosted Tatum, and a few colored Tatums

-Power pieces including a couple Lockes, a few Hemingrays, (including a carnival 257), a TH 9200, and an Oakman Helmet