Chicago Santa CREB Parade Flyer

By Lee Brewer; posted November 27, 2010

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Seeing the great profits the city of Old Bridge was making by holding an annual CREBfest Parade, Chicago Producing Co. once tried their own version by holding a Santa CREB parade.

This picture shows an example of the posters the Chicago Producing Co. tried to sell to local business as an advertising gimmick. The buyer would have their own CREB-related message printed in the large blank space of the paper that Santa is holding. Records of the parade are scarce. It may be the parade never actually took place.

Only one of these posters has been located with its customized message. However, since the wording displayed ion that poster is "CREBs - Sehr Gut!," it has generally been accepted the whole idea of the Santa parade flopped in Chicago, but was revived in Munchen Germany where the man responsible for the parade idea had been transferred by his company.

Whatever the case may be, the Santa CREB parade was a very short lived idea.

[id=100608148] for the 2004 Union City, PA CREBfest parade series.