Work Horse Parade featuring Brookfield Delivery Wagon

By Lee Brewer; posted November 26, 2010

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The famous Brookfield CREB delivery wagon is shown when it took part in the Work Horse Parade of June 6, 1908. The mere mention of "The CREBman" triggers fond rememberances in the minds of our grandparents as they think back to childhood days of anticipating the weekly arrival of their CREB insulators. Cherished are the memories such as those early mornings of sitting on the front stoop waiting to see the metal CREBbox being filled; the thrill to hear the clip clop of the horse's hooves as the wagon approached; and the delight when the CREBman would bid them a fond "good morning" and let them choose the SNs of the pieces he would leave for them. Priceless. Those were the days!