1895 Brookfield Factory Complex

By Lee Brewer; posted November 26, 2010

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This is a picture of the Brookfield Glass Company's huge factory complex in Brooklyn, NY. Note the writing on this picture tells us this photo was taken in 1895. A portion of the photo has been blown up and inserted so viewers may note a rare glimpse of Mr. Brookfield himself looking out the window of the factory's CREB building where the various CREB CDs were manufactured.

Towards the back right of the picture can be seen the church Mr. Brookfield built onsite as a way to make his factory employees feel more like a big family. Towards the front of the picture are various housing complexes he had built onsite so to provide free housing for his people.

The tallest building to the right was the main office building which once was known to have a payroll of 4,200 people.