Mid-Ohio Insulator Show Miniature Commemoratives

By Glenn Drummond; posted November 23, 2010

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The "Star" Helmet, CD 260 [010] was chosen to be the show icon shortly after the first show in 1971. Photograph, drawing, and sketch have adorned flyers, posters, letterheads, and billboards over the years. In the year 2000, Steve had a half-scale miniature mold made and contracted Summit Art Glass to produce a number for awards and sale. The tradition was continued for five years until the "Star Helmet" was replaced with a miniature CD 316 Chambers.

Steve decided to resurrect the CD 260 miniature for the 2010 "Fortieth Anniversary " show. Rather than a costly retooling of the original mold, which had become deformed through use, it was decided to obtain a half-scale mold of the original commemorative (about scale of a full size "Star Helmet."

Approximately 115 were produced by Wilkerson Glass Works in a flashed red color. Most of these were presented to dealers, displayers, and a few friends. The 2010 commemorative may be seen here [id=295389393]. The Wilkerson's also produced a very limited number in aqua, pink, and chocolate. The smallest number produced was made of cobalt, or a dark blue glass.

This picture compares an aqua original commemorative with the new, and much smaller 2010 commemorative. See [295301218] to see a comparison to the full-size prototype.