Catch of the Day

By Edward W. Brown; posted November 19, 2010

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Found this cute little fella sunning itself in the back yard a couple weeks ago. Even though there have been some cool, and even cold, days, not all of the snakes have gone into hibernation. This Black Rat Snake is fairly young, perhaps a year old, and measures less than 3 feet in length. It seems to be quite placid (tame doesn't really apply yet).

Also known as "Appalachian Land Eel" ;-) (I just made that one up)

The skin has an unusual iridescent sheen to it. This one's a keeper, should make a good pet, if not I'll release it back exactly where I found it next spring or early summer.

I have seen much larger and meaner and feisty adults, I generally just leave them alone, as they will eat mice and other small rodents, which is always a good thing. Besides most wild ones, have an attitude, and will bite, and discharge generous and copious quantities of nasty-smelling noxious fluids from their "vent",

Perhaps it [id=349017933; recently returned] for a visit:

Its more colorful cousin (yellow or everglades rat snake) recently paid Larry Rogers [id=301455236; surprise visit]

On May 29, 2017, it has made another surprise visit, and once again, let me get up close to look it over and take a couple of pics. [id=349017933]