When Floyd is ready, we are ready!

By Bill Meier; posted November 18, 2010

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A little out of order, but here is Floyd as we get ready to leave for Springfield...

Does your GPS have a 15" screen? Speak to you in the voice of Bill Meier? Allow easy operation with a keypad? Including advanced functions like "Jill you are driving over 72 MPH in a 65 MPH zone, please slow down!"... She listens to the computer and slows down, but if I say it myself, she gets defensive ;-)

Or "You have been driving for 2 hours, it's time to switch drivers" - we religiously switch drivers every two hours of driving (which of course is different than two hours elapsed time which can include stops. This takes that into account).

Or tell you if there is a rest area between the next 75 and 100 miles for you to get gas.

And of course all the basic features of a GPS that you expect...

I love technology!

It's a long story why it's called "Floyd" ;-) I'd estimate since we had have Floyd, he has guided us on 75,000 miles of various journeys we have been on over the last 10+ years of traveling. Even have a few logs of the acceleration and lift off of a jet. Floyd also reports your altitude too. Handy also when you are driving over the Rockies and want to know how high up you are... Yes, some people just need to know these things! ;-)

P.S. We are probably one of the few people who need a USB hub in their car... But I never said we were normal people either... after all, we collect insulators too, remember !!! ;-)