Springfield Name badges -- The final count ...

By Bill Meier; posted November 17, 2010

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The name badges were a great success this year, like they were last year. We plan to add this as yet another part of the "Springfield Experience".

Somewhere in this album must be a picture of us printing them. Here is a [id=292948548; sample name badge] that was printed for the show.

The final stats:

277 preprinted from responses on ICON

304 total printed

Of those, three were for dogs, who according to the guidelines, must also wear them. You can see "Happy" and "Spotty" and their owners Raleigh and Angelie Sanford all sporting the popular badges, with the red ruby for the 40th anniversary. Finally one of the name badges was for a pink flamingo.

So, the final count was exactly 300 name badges for (human) attendees. Not everyone had one, but we got quite good coverage. Something else interesting was that there was only about 10 badges left over. So, that means about 97% of those who "RSVPed" (requested name badges) came to the show.

Thanks Steve, Lois, Alan & Alan, Glenn, Marge for putting on a great memorable show, and of course to all the attendees, without whom there would be no show...