Chambers CD 317

By Dan Gauron; posted November 16, 2010

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How appropriate that 16 of these should show up @ Springfield, where the Shows commemorative just happens to be the scaled down version of this CD 317. I arrived at the show just in time to see Mike Young (owner of these pieces) unloading the great looking pieces from his trunk, and getting ready to bring several into the Show Hall. It was a real treat to hear the story of their discovery straight from the finders' mouth.

Although he has no interest in the pieces himself (from a collectors standpoint), he felt very good about being able to place them in the hands of collectors who would appreciate them for their beauty and historical significance. He also freely admitted that he feels pretty good about the big bucks that he would be taking back with him to his new home.

These pieces probably spent the last 100 years or more snuggled together in the rafters of that old house, and now they reside on collector's shelves throughout the country. A find like this doesn't come around much these days, and it makes me appreciate the provenance of my new piece just that much more.