CD 737 or 738? - Latest Dig find

By Rick Staples; posted November 16, 2010

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This is a photo of the latest insulator dug up in another site along the path of the first telegraph line in the US. Currently the dig area is in an old homesite of a man who was employed as a "watch", a "watchman," or a relay operator for the Telegraph Co. Excavation at the home has revealed that a structure, probably his home, burned. In the charred remains were shards of ironstone with a maker's mark. The mark gives us a "tight" date of 1850 to 1851, the only years that the plate, and raised pattern was made.

Very few artifacts of later chronology were found there, indicating that the immediate site was no longer used as a residence. Now we are finding evidence of telegraphic equipment at the home. Thus far two insulators have been found at this site?

Further investigation and digging will continue. The insulator in the photograph appears dark. It is really a dark Teal color as is the other one also. Both have no embossing on them. It is also slightly different that the 738 I have in my collection. The top has step like ridges around the edge of the top hat. It measures 4" high and 3 5/8" wide. The top of the Hat is 2".

Both insulators has slight chipping and some slivers, but for the most part were in pretty good shape considering where they have been for the last 150 years. Any comments on the top hat differences would be appreciated if anyone thinks this is unique or if I just hadn't noticed them on others before. Any one have others with that step like edge on them?