Springfield 2010: CD 317 Chambers galore #1

By Steve McCollum; posted November 15, 2010

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I understand that this whole deal was done before I showed up late Friday afternoon. Too bad - I would have scooped up one for myself! I understand that someone bought four of them.

Thanks to Kevin Jacobson for collecting the photos of the house and stash of insulators from Michael Young. Kevin gave me a copy of them. If some of you folks have more info, please either post your own photos, or forward the stories to me and I will add them here.

As I understand it, Michael Young showed up with over a dozen CD 317s that were found in the joist spaces of the basement of an old house.

Here is a picture of his table Friday afternoon. As I said, by the time I got to the show, the insulators were all gone.

These aren't my photos. I feel a little apprehensive about publishing them. But I do believe that they are important to document a really incredible find, and might be valuable to the hobby in general for future reference. If anyone objects to my posting them, please let me know.

On January 10, 2014, Jack Snyder commented: The Chambers were found in Sandusky, Ohio not far from the Cedar Point Amusement Park. They were stuffed in the crawl space in the basement when he bought the house. He took the money he made and bought a new furnace.