Brookfield Color: Brooklyn, NY vs. Old Bridge, NJ

By Andrew Gibson; posted November 12, 2010

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In 1908, Brookfield switched the source of the sand that they used to make their insulators. Prior to 1908, the sand came from Brooklyn, NY, and after 1908 it came from Old Bridge, NJ. The switch in sand sources resulted in a distinct change in insulator color, with the post-1908 insulators being a characteristically darker aqua.

When comparing light aquas and dark aquas to think about whether the insulators were made before or after 1908, I think I'm comfortable with the color differences. But what about some of the green shades? In particular, in the photo above, what about the light green insulator that's second from the left? Was that made before or after 1908? Does anyone know when a color like that was manufactured?

When do you think each of the above was manufactured?

Thanks for any help!