Ooops, COPS !!!

By Bob Scafe; posted November 3, 2010

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Now you can understand why it means so much to me, to be able to recover some of the pictures lost when my hard drive died.

This is my Grandson Nathan. Grampa is allowed to call him "Nater" We were at an event in Red Deer last Christmas, involving large crowds, and the need of a Police presence for crowd control. The event ended, and everyone is preparing to leave, in fact most had left, when we were headed for the car.

Old Nater [he's 5 at the time] yells, "Hey Grampa" and takes off at a run. My legs are a little longer, so I caught up to him in time to hear him say, "Hey, you guys want to get your picture taken with me" Here are 4 of the RCMP officers who were handling crowd control. It looks like their work is not over yet, trying to control the rowdies in the crowd.

Thanks to Robin Plewes, as this is a special moments picture.