Fred Locke/Victor Hybrid M-2435

By Mike Parker; posted November 1, 2010

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An upside down shot of the hybrid M-2435. The bottom shell is rather plain without mottling and has missing glaze spots especially around the base. Some are from use and some are factory unglazed spots. Research has found that Fred Locke made this M-2435 lily shell bottom as early as summer 1904 and was displayed under a different top shell at the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair Locke insulator display. It is also thought that the M-2435 was conceived in very early 1905 after the Fred Locke plant came under control of the Locke Insulator Mfg. Co., who were now making VICTOR insulators. Since the M-2430 top shells were made right up to the time the M-2435 was introduced, and the M-2435 is nothing more than an M-2430 with a lily bottom shell instead of a cone, there could be a chance that this hybrid specimen could be authentic in this form. But we will never know for sure. Anyway, I am really pleased with the result, hybrid or otherwise!