Fred Locke/Victor Hybrid M-2435

By Mike Parker; posted November 1, 2010

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I put together this beauty hybrid M-2435 in honor of Paul Greaves and Mike Spadafora, in my opinion 2 of the greatest power insulator hunters of all time! Each of them found one of the shells of this multipart at different times. I got the bottom shell from Spadafora years ago and it sat around forever without a matching top since it is a very early M-2435 bottom shell and goes back to the 1904-05 period when Victor continued to use the tan Fred Locke glaze in part of 1905, even after Fred Locke retired and left the plant in late 1904. The top is from a Fred Locke unmarked M-2430 that I obtained from Paul Greaves recently that was part of the famous hunt by both of them on the "Trinity" 1904 power line in Northern California in 2003. I have incused '2010' in the cement, thereby marking it as non-authentic. There could be a chance that one like this may be authentic, however. To see more, click NEXT