EMINGRAY-1, back/ ADE IN U.S.A. = Hemingray -10 error

By Richard Case; posted October 26, 2010

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EMINGRAY-1, back/ ADE IN U.S.A. = Hemingray -10 error. I went to a local auction Sunday and there was a bucket of Hemingray -10's and thinking, naw there isn't anything good so I bought the bucket and found a couple of keepers. I think the mold was reworked and it must have warped a little. The machinist turned the mold egg shaped on the bottom and took out the H and 0 and the M on the ends of the embossing's. The missing letters and numbers are almost a ghost lettering.. very faint and barely legible. Also there were Whitall Tatum No. 3's in the bunch too and a few oddballs in the group too. thanks and any comments to see how many more are out there with mold reworking's.