By Andrew Levin; posted October 21, 2010

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Bought this on e-bay (no editorial comments, please). Description said "perfect". I get it and find three cracks in the inner skirt; two of which go all the way up the pinhole. Each of these cracks has separated glass going all the way into the pinhole; the largest separations being about 3/16 of an inch. It's a wonder a chunk of glass had not already broken off. This photo shows the two largest cracks. Posting a second photo showing how they look from the outside.

The seller said these were "excess glass flake offs that are part of the mold process".

Sometimes you hear something that makes you question your sense of reality. This made no sense to me. Am I missing something? Could these cracks be a by product of the molding process such that this would be considered a mint piece?

Any feedback is appreciated. Please respond directly to e-mail. More detailed photos available if you want them.