Hemingray Beehive with Indian-head Penny Imprint

By Dwayne Anthony; posted October 20, 2010

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This is a close-up of the dome on a Hemingray Made in USA No 41 beehive in Hemingray blue. This was found a few years ago by an eagle-eyed collector that was looking over hundreds of common insulators removed from a nearby line. They were all on the ground behind an antique shop in Blythe, CA.

"How much for this one with the strange mark on the dome?" Reply: "Oh, a dollar will do."

The price went up by the time I acquired it, but I am pleased to own it. It contains the impression of an 1893 Indian-head penny. Pretty neat considering that is Hemingray's patent year for drip points! And the insulator happens to contain sharp drip points, Hemingray's first drip point design before phasing over to round drips!

Can't help but wonder how many are still out there sitting atop the poles?

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