CD 145 CREB with Drips - sort of!

By Lee Brewer; posted June 19, 2002

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(Note ALTERED image!!) Eye candy for us CREBheads! Richie Mullins posted a pic on ICON of some insulator drawings he had done in school. These immediately became the "Wallpaper" on my WinDoze system. One piece in the drawing amazed me. He drew a CD 145 CREB with drip points on it. As far as I know, no one has ever reported one of these, but I just had to see what it would look like. The above photo is a combined pic of a CD 145 Hemi with drips and a CD 145 CREB. Note I did NOT mutilate any actual insulators - only pictures of insulators!! Please note that if you are going to save this pic and spread it around - retain the word 'fake' at the bottom so any CREBhead you would show it to does not have a heart attack!.