#2- 12 Great Colored Porcelain all Mint Unless Specified!

By Philip Mayhew; posted September 25, 2010

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Back Row: Left to Right Roman Helmet cable- (SOLD) Lighter mottled color than pic, old style- 10.00 Really unusual U# Powder Blue- Weird Color & crude & Thick- 10.00 3 Wire Unusual White Piece- 10.00 Wild Blackish Pumpkin Glaze, great for Halloween- 10.00 Best Colored Hescho You will ever see- Best I've seen in 30 years- 15.00 ---------- Front Row: Left to Right Really Crude Aussie Pilgrim hat (GREAT stone color)- 15.00 White ceramic- High quality unglazedcaved in dome top, unusual- 12.00