Utah Antique Bottle & Collectibles Show

By Anthony Eiting; posted September 18, 2010

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Left to Right: Gary Gaz, Mike Eiting, Daron Nelson, Chuck Sweet, and across from Daron behind Chuck is Sid Nelson (Daron's Dad). This was definately the best show yet! Lots of goodies and good times to be had. Gary brought a bucket full of good stuff and stories as ususal for the whole group of guys. My dad was always making deal for someone adding to their collection. Daron and I traded half of our stuff to eachother in addition to hitting the brush looking for jewels this year. Chuck was one of the funniest guys you'd ever met! He was making up insulator jokes left and right each time he circled the show! I think on the 5th and 8th pass by my table he purchased something :) It was also a great refreshment to have Sid make it up to the show this year! He knows the old rail lines of Utah better than anyone else! I also have to thank Natalie for making a guest appearance and manning my table!