127 Brookfield Straight Side Study [025]

By Scott Morrell; posted September 12, 2010

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PHOTO 3 - CD 127 Brookfield Study

EIN [025] -- (New listing in 2011 Price Guide)

(F-Crown) W BROOKFIELD 55 FULTON ST (R-Crown) CAUVET'S PAT APL. 4. 1870. {Note 'APL. 4. 1870.' date} {MLOD} SB {STRAIGHT SIDE MOLD VARIANT}


Note: The examples in this photo were assigned the same EIN [025] as the previous photo: [id=288881814] They are certainly different molds. These two examples have more "squared off" dome profiles than the previous photo, and have different punctuation. These same two styles were identified by Jack Kesling: [id=82139088] Don Briel said if the punctuation differences prove out over several pieces, these two mold styles might warrant separate PG entries. Here's how the punctuation differs from the previous photo:

- No periods on Brookfield side

- Apostrophe in Cauvet's

- No period after PAT

- Period after 1870.

- Shape of crown & WG differ subtly